I lift up my eyes to the mountains. 

The Bible says in Psalms 121,

I lift up my eyes to the mountains. Where does my help comes from? My help comes from the Lord. The Maker of heaven and earth.

Every time I go up to the mountainous region of Baguio City, I get excited. Not only because of the all-year-round cool weather they have but also I get to experience being with nature. 

Every time I see mountains covered with lush green trees and beautiful flowers, I marvel and could not help but ponder how awesome are the works of our God! I thank God for He gave me another opportunity to visit Baguio City once again with my friends during the first quarter of the year (who knows when will He allow me again?). 

As usual, a trip to Baguio City with friends always spells F-U-N! But if we think about it, we always have the opportunity to share His love to other people, whether in big or small ways.

We went to La Trinidad where the famous Strawberry Farm is and it is also a good place to buy fresh produce. There we met this lady mango vendor (we were not able to ask her name). It was past 1:00 in the afternoon and the sun was scorching hot! 

While she was peeling mangoes for us, we did not see a trace of tiredness on her face. I got curious how much was she making in a day since she was selling three mangoes for 100 pesos only. 

So I asked, “Ate, kumusta naman po ang kita niyo sa isang araw? (How much are you making in a day?)” She replied in a casual manner like I am no stranger to her, “Mababa lang po. Marami na po kasi kaming nagtitinda dito. (I barely make an earning. The competition here is stiff.)”

My heart melted that instant but at the same time admired her for her love for her family – a love that could stand the intense heat of the sun all day long so her family could eat. Then the Holy Spirit impressed in my heart how Jesus suffered so much and gave up His life for me – all because of His great love for me. 

When she handed us our mangoes, I took out my wallet to pay her and gave her a tip that would allow her to go home that instant and no longer have to sell her mangoes. I saw her reaction. She could not speak for a few seconds. We hurried to get inside the car but she tried to stop us for a while and pleaded that we take some free mangoes. 

Could it be her way of saying “thank you” or she felt she is obliged because of the amount I gave her? But because of her pleading, we accepted her offer and took some mangoes with us. And before we drove off, my friend told her “that is from Jesus!” 

The love of God is not like that. He loves us without asking anything in return. When He loves on us we should not feel obliged to love Him back. But we love Him as our response to His love; a love that is unconditional. 

What we have in Him is a relationship not an obligation nor religion. 


One thought on “I lift up my eyes to the mountains. 

  1. What a privilege indeed to be a carrier of God’s love. I believe she ran after you with a heart of gratitude in response to being touched by His love through you. A simple stopping for one person is long lasting and the testimony of one can influence a multitude. God bless you, CJ.


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