The results are in!

Just like what I wrote in my last post, I will share with you, my readers, my journey to a better health in 2017. So, I went back to the clinic to get the results of my liver ultrasound, blood works, 2d Echo, and for my doctor’s reading and recommendation.


While waiting for my doctor to see me, I looked at the results and even if I did not study medicine, I know that some things in the results are not okay. They have this indicator if you are high or critical or normal in a reading like cholesterol, uric acid, etc. My cholesterol and uric acid did not go well and I know something is not right with my liver, too.


When my doctor called my name, I went into his room and he asked me to take a seat. I immediately gave him my results (there were several pieces of papers) and he looked at them. What I like about my doctor is he seems to be always calm in his approach in talking to his patients. These were his findings:


My uric acid is high, my cholesterol is high, and I have a slight fatty liver.


He said it is possible that the slight fatty liver was triggered by high cholesterol and I try first water therapy for the high uric acid. But of course, I must eat in moderation foods that can cause high uric acid. As for my cholesterol, he prescribed just one medicine to be taken once a day. After a month of taking it, I need to have my blood taken again for cholesterol, triglycerides, uric acid, SGOT, and SGPT (I don’t know what those abbreviations stand for).


He also advised me to watch my diet. It should be high in fiber and low in bad fats.


I thank God for He impressed in my heart that I need to have my blood pressure checked. Otherwise, I will not see my doctor and ask for professional help. I admit I overlooked my health and did not take care of it the way He intends me to since my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. But with God, there are no “too-lates”. Even if we have abused our health by eating foods that are rich in bad oils, not getting enough sleep in a day, eating processed foods, etc., God still wants us to become healthier versions of ourselves. And sometimes, He uses doctors to facilitate healing of our physical body.


We need to become healthy so we can effectively be of service to His church and His people and let Him be glorified in us.


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