None of us is perfect. None of us is clean.

While we live, we will miss the mark. Why? Because we live in a cursed world! We miss the mark in different ways – some would lie, some would cheat, some would commit adultery, some would watch pornography, some would curse at other people if they cut them on the road, some would steal, etc. Different strokes for different folks! Sin, whether big or small is still considered a sin.


Yet, all have sinned.  – Romans 3:23.


And yes, all miss the mark. Those people who say they are perfect and clean are liars!


God knew before the foundation of the Earth that man is not capable of living a righteous life by his own ability. This is the reason why He gave His Son to save His people from the penalty of sin which is death. When He came, he did not judge anybody. Instead, He offered His love to murderers, prostitutes, corrupt officials, robbers, etc.


When the Pharisees presented to Him Mary Magdalene when she was caught in the very act of committing adultery, Jesus did not judge her. Instead, He told those who were judging her and wanting her to die, “those who have not sinned be the first one to cast the stone.” And nobody, not even a single soul dared cast the stone! Why? Because they knew for a fact that they themselves are not perfect, they are not clean, they are sinners, too!


I am not saying that it is okay for us to sin for sin would always have its consequence. But, we are not to judge others whom we know have fallen short and missing the mark. Instead, we need to let them know, even more, how God loves them. And that they have the righteousness of God when they accepted the Lord Jesus Christ.


We need to assure them that God does not hate them and He is waiting for them to repent and go back to Him. If we offer these people our love and not judge them (as if we do not sin), the power of God’s love will surely make them realize of the wrong they have done and will want to come back to the loving and forgiving arms of the Father.


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