The very last Christmas party of Victorious!! Ministry

I had mixed emotions as I attended the very last Christmas party of Victorious!! Ministry yesterday.


In my previous post, I wrote about Victorious!! Ministry coming to an end and yesterday’s Christmas party was the culmination of everything. Before the party, there was the usual flow of praise and worship and then, the Word of God, which was preached by the Senior Pastor of Words of Life Christian Ministries, Pastor Josef Zabarte, who is the son of Sis. Cita Fernandez.


The title of Pastor Josef’s preaching was “Into the Deep”, where God calls us into because usually, there is where the big fish are. His preaching taught us that we must go deeper with our relationship with God and we must learn to prioritize Him over everything else. Getting intimate with God is impossible if we do not spend some time with Him.


Right after the preaching of Pastor Josef, Sister Shoddy Chase came up together with some of the pastors and staff of New Life Alabang and delivered an emotional message for Cita. Sis. Shoddy presented a plaque of appreciation, financial assistance, and a bouquet of beautiful flowers, honoring Sis. Cita.


Then the Christmas party program kicked in. The Praise & Worship team of Victorious!! Ministry started it by serenading Sis. Cita with a few sentimental songs. The lyrics were changed in a way that we could let Sis. Cita and those who were present know how we feel inside, now that Victorious!! Ministry is ending. I sang the song “I’ll never say goodbye” (lyrics changed) and sang with the team for the rest of the songs. Everybody in the room became emotional.


We see the ending of Victorious!! Ministry not a defeat, but a time to rest and a time to recharge for the greater call that God has purposed for all of us serving in the ministry.


We wanted the Christmas party to be a celebration that’s why, the team prepared also a medley of old dance hits like Dancing Queen, Last Dance, to name a few, and opened the floor for everybody to dance. Just like what we did with the sentimental songs, we also changed some of the lyrics and it was fun! The atmosphere in the room changed and became light. It was like the Spirit of God assuring everybody that all is well and Sis. Cita is going to be back!


New Life Alabang provided catered food for the party.











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