Goodbye, Victorious!! Ministry.


Many are saddened by the news that Victorious!! Ministry is ending on the 13th of December, 2016. I still cannot imagine my Tuesdays without this ministry. For 4 years that I have been attending, I have learned a lot from the Word of God through the teachings of Sis. Cita Fernandez and the guests the ministry had on several occasions.


Victorious!! Ministry started in 2001 and since then, countless souls have known and accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Sis. Cita has been diligent in studying the Word of God to teach to the flock Tuesday after Tuesday for 15 years. In that length of time, she only missed 1 Tuesday and that’s because she was sick! Come hell or high water, you’d see her standing behind the pulpit teaching and loving the people God entrusted her. That’s how faithful she was to the call of God upon her life and to the ministry.


In her heart, Sis. Cita knew a couple of months ago, that Victorious!! Ministry is coming to an end. The enemy placed a disease on her hip that makes walking a feat. Did she pray for it to go? Did we pray for her to recover from it? Yes! She did! We did! But it is still there.


We keep our hopes alive in our hearts and steadfast in our confession of faith – that she is the healed of the Lord, Jesus Christ! We follow where God is leading us. We do not go against His will. We trust that He only has good plans for us. And with God, we go from glory to glory!


“I will be back. And when that time comes, the enemy must pay for what he has done to me! He’d wish he did not touch me!” – Sis. Cita Fernandez


Yes, we are sad that Victorious!! Ministry is ending soon but excited for what God has in store for Sis. Cita and for us, who co-labor with her to advance God’s Kingdom here on earth.


Sis. Cita is an inspiration to me and her faithfulness is something, I pray that by God’s grace, I will become also – faithful to the call of God upon my life, to my family, to my friends, to the church where God has planted me.


So, see you soon, Sis. Cita (in your stilettos!) We love you!











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