It was the Favor of God!


Baguio – the summer capital of the Philippines and one of my favorite places to go to with friends. It is a city up in the Northern part where one does not need an air-conditioning unit because the temperature would normally range from 180C to 210C, depending on the time of the year.


On December 2, 2016, I went up there together with two of my good friends. This is my second visit for this year. The trip became more special because we saw how the favor of God moved in us.


First, when a traffic enforcer stationed at the end of the stretch of Edsa asked us to pull over because we were in the wrong lane and had to swerve to go to the right lane. And so, we pulled over. While the traffic enforcer was walking toward us, we already knew our violation. Mac (my friend who was driving) told us that he would just pretend that he does not know the way to go and he will ask the help of the traffic enforcer.


When the traffic enforcer was finally beside our car, Mac rolled down his window and started to throw his spiel. The traffic enforcer just smiled and told us, “Sir, you’re in the wrong lane and I can give you a ticket for this violation. But, it’s okay, you may go and please be careful.”


And we knew it was the favor of God!


After about four hours of driving (should have been three only if we did not pass by Ortigas Avenue and got caught in a stand-still traffic), we reached Baguio City. Since it is December, we thought it’s not a peak season so we just went without making any hotel reservations. To our surprise, four of the hotels we asked if they have available rooms were already full!


The Holy Spirit then impressed to me to ask one of those (I don’t know how they are called) men holding a placard with sign “transient homes”. Normally, I don’t transact with them because I always like to go direct and talk with a front desk officer of a hotel than talk with any of them.


Strange, I found myself talking to one of them and asked, “what is your rate per day and do you still have available unit or room?” The man I was talking to said, “yes! It’s P3,000.00 per unit per day!” Upon hearing that, I got relieved for two things: 1) Yes, we finally have a place to stay. 2) P3,000.00 for a room…that’s cheap!!!


And so, we asked the man to ride with us in the car so he could show us the way to the unit. When we got to the first unit, we kind of did not like it. I don’t know but it’s one of those moments when you just don’t feel 100% solved in a thing or situation and you are having second thoughts?


We asked if he still has other rooms to show us. He then called somebody on his mobile phone, they talked, and after a while, he said, “yes, I can show you one more place. It’s also P3,000.00 but it’s a two-bedroom suite.” The three of us looked at each other and got excited! First, the offer was P3,000 for a room. Now, we were offered the same price but for a two-bedroom suite. And so, the man took us to the place and showed us the unit. And boy! It’s perfect for the three of us!


And we knew it was the favor of God!


It was already past 8PM when we had all our luggage and things settled in our two-bedroom suite. We were hungry and obviously, time for dinner. Mac was craving for pork barbecue so we went to a restaurant in front of Burnham Park famous for their grilled dishes. While on our way to Burnham Park, from afar, we saw that there were lots of cars parked. We thought we will have a hard time parking. But just right after entering the park, there is a one parking slot available! And so, we parked there and guess what? The parking slot was just in front of the restaurant we were going to!


And we knew it was the favor of God!


We seat ourselves outside to enjoy the cool breeze of Baguio (after all, it is what we came for). After a while, a waitress named Melai, took our order. She was pleasant and very accommodating. Jane (our other friend) had the unction to pray for her but I reluctantly said, her boss might see her and might scold her if she’s seen with us not doing anything (because we are going to pray for her). But Jane was very sure that Melai must be prayed for and Mac and I agreed.


After finishing the sumptuous dinner served (we ordered Kare-Kare, Pork Barbecue, Ensaladang Mangga, and rice) then we knew it was time to pray for Melai. That was already 9:30PM and the restaurant was not accepting new customers anymore. So, it was just the three of us and Melai outside and nobody else. The place became quiet and perfect for a prayer! Jane then asked Melai if she knows Jesus. Melai said, “yes”. Jane asked if she wants to be prayed for? Melai said “yes”. Jane asked if she has specific things or areas in her life she wants to be prayed for. All Melai wanted is for the good of her family (her parents are old already) and that they remain in good health and experience a filled life before they meet their Creator.


We prayed. We agreed. We believed in the things prayed for that night.


And we knew it was the favor of God that brought us to Baguio safe and sound, free from all the hassles we could have experienced in getting there, to meet Melai and pray for her.


Hallelujah! Glory to God!






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