Daddy God’s Erratic Presence

As a Christian, I know the importance of nurturing the relationship I have with Jesus Christ. Aside from my time with Him on Sundays and sometimes, Saturdays, when I lead worship in our church, I see to it that I also have a “me-time” with Him – just Him and me. I believe that what I bring to people when I lead worship is an overflow of what I have inside.


During worship, there are times His presence would be so strong that I could not contain my feelings for Him and I would just cry. During these moments, my spiritual eyes would see Him sitting on the throne, surrounded by His glory and His angels. Reigning mightily is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!


He would be so real as my Father, my King, my Healer, my Provider. The Lover of my soul!


There are times that He’d already show up during the first song and there are times, not until the last song. Then I asked Him before, Lord, why is Your manifest presence erratic? Because even in my “me-time” with Him, He’s also like that.


He did not answer me in His still, small voice, but led me into reading a book. In that book, the author described also His relationship with Him and how he would pursue Him. The author even wrote that there was a point where He pursued Him for one whole day and His manifest presence did not show up! But did he give up? Of course, not!


I know in my heart, having read that book was His way of answering my question. But it’s always a sweet way, and the way I would want Him to answer me – hearing His still, small voice. And this morning, while headed to the office and listening to a worship song, He answered me! I heard Him again!


He answered my question, which I was not even thinking of that time. He said:


My son, I am always with you. I will never leave you nor forsake you. I love you so much and in those times, that you don’t feel my manifest presence, it is when I want you to pursue me more. I am sure of my love for you but I want you to love me, more than everyone and everything else.


Such a sweet Daddy!



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