How do we keep on trusting God, no matter what?

It is easy for us to say that we trust God when things in our life are going the way we want them happening. When everything’s okay, somehow life is like, you’re driving your car in broad daylight and you know the road you need to take because you know where you are supposed to go.

When we already know, what’s going to be the result of the things we do now, and we expect the result is going to be okay, then life’s good. It’s easy to say, yeah, I trust God! Because we tend to associate God with good expected “end results”.

Let me expound on that. We know that He is our Provider. So, when we apply for a job and we got hired, then we say, I knew it! He is my provider! He never fails to provide for me! We know that He is our Healer. So, when we are sick, we pray to Him for healing and when He heals us, we shout, thank You, Lord! I knew it, Lord! You are our great Healer!

But what if we come to a place where what we ask of Him don’t happen the way we expect them to happen? What if that job that gives food for the family, that pays for the rent, that sends your kids to school suddenly filed for bankruptcy and had to cease operations?

I remember it was December of 2012 when the company I was working for shut down its operations. That time I was already a part of our church’s praise and worship team. There was a time I had to lead and during that time, in the natural, I was down and not in the mood to sing and lead the congregants into His presence.

But when you know that the God that you are serving is good, no matter what your present situation tells you, then you keep on going! And that was exactly what I did! We need to come to a place where we believe that He is good! No matter what, He is good!

In hard times, this is when our trust in Him is tested. Are we going to hold to Him even more or are we going to just throw the towel and say, that’s it, Lord! I’m done! Nothing’s happening! It’s not working!

Well, it seems that nothing’s happening in the natural. But the God who watches over you neither sleeps nor slumbers. He is the beginning and the end and He already knows your future. He is working in that very situation of yours that you call impossible. You must completely trust in Him and patiently wait for the things He wills for you in its time to manifest.

What if it doesn’t come? Then, clearly, what you are praying for is not going to be good for you! God has better plans for you, for all of us. After all, Daddy knows best!


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